Empress Gin Review

Empress 1908 Gin Review: A Visual and Flavorful Splendor

If there's one gin that caught my attention for both its aesthetic appeal and taste profile, it's the Empress 1908 Gin. A marvel in its own right, this indigo-hued spirit is as enigmatic in taste as it is in color. From the first pour to the last sip, Empress 1908 offers an enticing experience. Here's my detailed take on this unique botanical concoction.

Visual Appeal: The Royal Indigo

The Distinct Color Without a doubt, the very first thing you'll notice about the Empress 1908 Gin is its regal, deep blue color. Deriving its vibrant hue from butterfly pea blossoms, this gin transforms with the addition of citrus or tonic, making it a stunning centerpiece for any cocktail occasion.

Unboxing The Aesthetic Bottle Empress 1908 comes in an elegantly designed bottle which only accentuates its vivid color. It's both minimal and striking, capturing the essence of the gin's characteristic individuality.

Tasting Notes and Botanicals

An Unconventional Aromatic Journey Upon uncorking the bottle, the first plumes of scent to hit the nose are strong notes of juniper and bright citrus. Empress 1908 doesn't shy away from its gin roots, while simultaneously hinting at the complexity that awaits on the palate.

Botanicals at a Glance

  • Juniper: The backbone of any gin, offering woody and piney notes.
  • Grapefruit Peel: Adds a zesty, citrusy freshness.
  • Coriander Seed: Provides spicy, earthy undertones.
  • Rose Petal: Though subtle, it plays into the gin's floral aromatics.
  • Ginger Root & Cinnamon Bark: Brings a warming spice that's assertive yet comforting.
  • Fairmont Empress Tea: A nod to the gin's origin, infusing depth and character.
  • Butterfly Pea Blossoms: The botanical star that imparts the gin's signature color.

The Flavor Profile: A Contemporary Twist on Tradition

Empress 1908 defies expectations by delivering a flavor that's familiar yet novel. It's not the overtly floral or fruit-forward spirit some might anticipate from its appearance.

Primary Palate Sensations

  • Bright Citrus Echoes: These resonate at the forefront, making it ideal for a refreshing G&T.
  • Spicy Reverberations: Mid-palate experiences a warm embrace from the ginger and cinnamon.
  • Juniper Journeys: A robust juniper presence ensures traditionalists are not left wanting.

Flavor Wheel Breakdown

  • Spice: 3/5
  • Herbal: 0/5
  • Juniper: 3/5
  • Floral: 0.5/5 (subtly present mainly on the nose)
  • Citrus: 4/5
  • Heat: 3.5/5

My Empress 1908 Cocktails Experience

I've always believed in gin's versatility, and Empress 1908 stands testament to this belief. Whether it's dressed in a classic gin and tonic with a twist of lime, enveloped in a velvety Negroni, or perched gracefully within a flourish of a French 75, Empress 1908's color-changing antics are rivaled only by its versatile flavor palette.

Cocktail Transformations

  • The Dynamic Gin & Tonic: Watch it change from bold indigo to soft lavender.
  • The Empress Negroni: The color may turn muddy, but the flavor is undiluted and bold.
  • Empress French 75: A harmonious blend of color, effervescence, and citrus.

Is Empress 1908 Worth the Hype?

To Sip or Not to Sip?

  • For sipping: Marginally warm and assertive, not traditionally a sipping gin.
  • For mixing: Exceptional; this is where it truly shines as a base for cocktails.

Ratings at a Glance

  • Sipping Rating: 75/100 - Empress 1908 is a bit too spirited for a serene sip.
  • Mixing Rating: 84/100 - Its almost classic flavor profile is a mixologist's canvas.

Price Point: At the price, one may find more balanced or smoother gins, but none with quite the same visual flair.

A Colorful and Tasty Addition to Your Gin Arsenal

In summation, the Empress 1908 Gin offers a nuanced experience that transcends mere novelty. It may have the showmanship suited for social media aesthetics and cocktail parties, but at its heart, this spirit carries the time-honored traditions of gin craftsmanship. Whether as a gift or a personal indulgence, Empress 1908 is a gin that forges a memorable drinking experience.

Have you tried the Empress 1908 Gin or have a favorite gin cocktail you think it would complement? Share your thoughts and experiences below; I'm always eager to spark a conversation with fellow gin enthusiasts. Cheers to vibrant spirits and vivacious sipping adventures!